I Hope This Wedding Is “The Cat’s Meow!”

How are we going to do it? That is what I keep asking my partner. The
wedding is coming up soon and that means we will combine our two
households. That sounds easy doesn’t it? The problem is I have three
adorable cats and he has five cats. I won’t say mine are the best, but I
will say I think they are smarter than his. I am only jesting. It is fun
to tease back and forth on what wonderful and intellectually brilliant
trick our cats have done on any particular day. I just don’t know how we
will be able to keep eight cats inside together, much less get them used to
each other. We also still need to figure out the wedding favors for the
guests. I wonder if we qualify for the “crazy cat family” and if I can
find something that would portray our dilemma.

Lighting For Your Wedding

If you are planning a wedding one of the most important things that many couples over look is the lighting. The lighting can be as important as the wedding favors and table settings. We all know how the lighting we are in effects the way we look and yet at weddings there often is not enough attention placed in that area. For the camera to get the best pics it is vital to have a well placed lighting set up. Often there are candles used which means couples need to be considerate of where they place their candles so the photos will not have a shadowed effect. Knowing the lighting and how to use it is the job of the professional photographer. A photographer can be a huge help for couples in this area.

A Wedding Mess

Today’s escapades with the Great Pyrenees pup hasn’t gone as well as the week before. The latest catastrophe was my mom’s dining room chairs. It is my fault actually. He just turned six weeks old and it is too cold to leave him outside. I had put the wedding favors up in the closet, my wedding dress was stored in the back of the closet so he wouldn’t be tempted to get at the bag, we had put all of the digital controls on the mantle out of his reach and everything seemed well secured. Mom and I ran out for a couple of hours and when we came home he had knocked several chairs over, chewed the legs and chewed the claw feet on the antique dining room table. I’m not sure she will forgive him for this one, nor me for that matter.

Was The Reality of the Napkins Too Much?

What frightened me the most was watching her as my mirror image fifteen years before. I, too, was in an unhappy marriage and vulnerable. Being with a man who doesn’t love you is difficult for any woman and the first man that comes along and fills you with words of love and the possibility of being happy once more is beautiful bait for a lonely heart. How can I tell her that she is moving too quickly? I want her to know how supportive I am, but I want her to take her time. She didn’t even take out a single one of the personalized napkins from the delivery. She simply closed the lid on the box and walked away. I knew then it could be my one opportunity to talk with her. Obviously, there was some sort of hesitation in her heart. Had the spark gone out of her?

Spread The Love Favors

One of the most striking features that you first notice about my fiance and
I are the tattoos. We both have a sleeve along with a few on our necks
that are visible. Several years back we would get stares everywhere we
went, but they are much more common now. My grandmother still has trouble
with them. Mom and dad seem to be mellowing out a little. I truly don’t
see the big deal. I will admit that we seem to be labeled the family “wild
child” couple and it is mainly because of our body art. For that very
reason I plan on “shocking” them with my wedding favors. Why not push the
boundary line a little further? After all, isn’t that what they expect of
us. I have found temporary henna tattoos on line. With a simple card of
appreciation along with their tattoo enclosed in the envelope I can spread
the love of art at the wedding. I wonder how many of them will secretly
put them on just to see what they are like?

A Little Wedding Rain Is Just Fine

Those flip flop wedding favors were lifesavers at the ceremony. The always
expected, unexpected rain shower did show itself at our wedding. We were
well prepared for the possibility and the resort staff stepped right in and
helped us cover the reception area with the wedding tents. The guests were
extremely patient. I stayed in the room until the rain stopped. Once
the showers ended the hotel manager, who was extremely helpful, gave me the
two thumbs up to begin the wedding.

When I came down in my dress and stepped from the deck onto the sand I
lifted my skirt to show my wedding slippers. They were embellished with
plenty of bling, but still matched the wedding guests and their flip
flops. Everyone had a laugh and we had a beautiful wedding. The showers
did lower the temperature and we all enjoyed the remainder of the evening
with no wet feet thanks to the favors.

A sandy addition

When we attended a holiday wedding last year we were very impressed. The couple had gone to many details to make this wedding show as a holiday wedding. In the sand ceremony they had their wedding colors of a light green and ever soft light red. It was beautiful. They had the tables all decked out with ribbons and glitter featuring a much stronger presence of red and greens in the reception hall. For their wedding favors they passed out the small glass jars on the tables that were filled with red and green sands with strips of glitter between the colors! It was beautiful how it had been done. The sands were packed so tightly the sands did not move. We still enjoy ours as we have it out for the holiday decorations. Every time we see it we think of how beautiful that wedding was. We also remember a different detail as we think about it that we did not notice before.

Just Send Me Old Fashioned Invitations, Please

Please make considerations for those of us who refuse to own a computer or
any other type of technical device. It sends me up the walls when I get
instructions to go on the internet and research or google or whatever you
young folks tell us to do. There are still those old fashioned, previous
generation, backwoods people who refuse to have one of those high fangled
contraptions in our homes. I am ranting because I got one of my
granddaughter’s wedding invitations and inside it told me to go to a
website to find out where she was registered for her gifts. I tossed the
invitation on the floor and had an all out hissy fit. Can’t y’all get it
through your technical heads that we still have trouble with the idea of a
cell phone?

Can Meladerm Enhance Her Beauty Safely?

Natural and safe to use for people of all ages. That is what all the
testimonies have been. My cousin has tried skin bleaching products for
years. She has never been happy with her natural tone. Black is beautiful
but not in her eyes. Unfortunately she was born a chocolate brown, when
she wanted to be honey toned. I don’t know why her mother hasn’t
controlled her obsession with using those bleaches. It has lightened her,
but she uses them several times a day. There are warnings against repeated
usage but she continues her applications anyway. I came across this
natural product and read the Meladerm reviews available. Everything I
researched seems to make this definitely a more safe approach to lightening
and evening out her skin tone. It would be worth a try and I would feel as
if she was taking a more healthy approach to achieving that honey colored
pigment she desperately desires.

Take All The Wedding Time You Need Dear

I am the loyal father to an overly indulged daughter and a demanding wife.
Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly. This wedding is wearing me down
though. “Yes dear” are my new favorite words. I am just here for the
ride. My car has been packed to the hilt with wedding decorations
for weeks now. Our entire lives have been turned topsy turvy with this
ceremony. My house is never empty. When I come home friends are always
there, either planning and scheming or practicing something for the event.
At least they don’t ask my opinion, yet. All I want to do is get life back
to normal. I think I do, but that means I will lose my baby girl. Never
mind, I’ll take the chaos any day!