All Details Even Insurance

As my sister and I headed off for college my mom and dad had the “be responsible” talk with us one more time before we hit the road. It really means so much to us that our parents want to protect us no matter how far away we are. We are truly blessed that our parents care so much. My dad even gave us our health insurance cards so we would understand if we needed a doctor there would be no cost to us. My mom was nodding in agreement with him as he explained. I will never forget how sweet that moment was.

Basic HCG Diet

Basically there is really not anything to following the HCG diet. You have to cut back on your calories as with any diet. The key is you have to cut way back and not eat any fats. Although you do not need to exercise per-say to see results you can exercise and get results much faster. I think the fact that this program teaches your body to burn the excess fats that you have stored and make energy out of it is why this diet works. Even though your calorie intake is low your body is creating the energy it needs to avoid that diet crash.

A Spiteful Wedding

When Suzie saw Bobbie at the bakery picking out her wedding cake toppers she felt so much anger. It was suppose to be her wedding. It was suppose to be her “forever after” and it was all taken from her. Bobbie could not just leave things alone. She had to keep after Richard even though they had been divorced for several years. She did not want him she just did not want anyone else to have him either. She knew Bobbie hated the thought of her with Richard. She did not want him happy. For some reason she felt the only way to be certain no one else would get him was to marry him once more. What in the world was Richard thinking? It did not work the first time when there was love and now it will certainly not work when there is nothing but spite.

Insurance for Boo Boo’s And Breaks

I remember learning to ride my bike as a young child. I have seven brothers and sisters. They were always riding their bikes so I wanted more than anything to ride as well. I did not want my training wheels on my bike because they did not have them. I was always in a battle not to be the baby that they all considered me. I know my parents were glad they had health insurance on me as I spent time day after day skinning my knees and finally breaking my arm as I thought I would take off down our steep drive to get my balance. Today I have my Harley and balance is not an issue but I will always remember those training moments.

Hearing About HCG

It can be really difficult to ready your body for the beach season. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one that lives anywhere near the beach that has extra weight to lose. When I walk the beach everyone is in such great shape. It seems no matter what I do I can not get my body to get into the shape I am looking for. I want to lose weight and have energy. I thought those things did not go together until I talked to my friend Gloria. She told me about the HCG diet plan that she uses and it makes good sense. I was so glad she told me about it. I see how it works for her so I think it will be just what I need to get myself into beach ready mode.

“How To” Anything

If you go online you will find a cornucopia of “how to” articles and websites. From how to apply for a business credit card to how to install kitchen cabinet. I love the fact there are videos for many of the installation instructions. We have used them many times for repairing as well as installing things. I can not imagine how life would have been without our computers. One thing is for certain and that is life would have been much slower. Can you imagine having to slow to the pace of pre-computers? We did not miss it then because we did not know but today that would shut down success to so many things.

Losing My Insurance Card

I had not taken more than a few steps in any direction and yet somehow I lost my health insurance card! I can not imagine what happened to it. I have searched high and low for this card. My daughter came to visit and she looked as well. No one can find it. Now how can something simply disappear? I was calling my insurance company and they needed a number from the card. I gave them the information and they gave me the information I called about. From that point I hung up with the intent of putting away my card. I realized it was no longer in my hand. From that point I have been searching. I always retrace my steps when something is misplaced but the fact is I have not taken a step to retrace. It has to be somewhere.

Appreciating Insurance

There are some things we can get by without having but then there are those things that are a must. Health insurance is one of those things that we simply must have. One trip to the hospital can be a huge wake up call as that visit can quickly add up to thousands. It seems like the bills keep coming and coming. Even though we were fully covered my son’s accident has still managed to cost us thousands. If we had not had insurance I do not know what we would have done. He had so much therapy it ran up the tab fast. I would hate to have thought we would have had to cut back on his treatment which would have effected his health for the rest of his life.

HCG Secret

Sandra did not want to tell anyone she was on the HCG diet. She just let everyone think she had lost all that weight on her own because of her determination. I suppose in some ways it did take a lot of determination to lose the weight she has lost. She does look really good and is staying at a healthy weight. It is not too far of a thought to give her the credit she has due to her for sticking with this diet plan. I think I should check into this diet plan as well because she not only lost weight but she seems to have more energy as well. Less fat and more energy sounds like a great plan to me. Of course the thought of no fat intake sounds a little scary but to feel better I think it would be worth the sacrifice!

Learning About Water Treatment

I hate waiting on my car in a repair shop. It seems it has been one thing and then another since I bought it. I always wanted to drive a car off of the showroom floor. I loved that moment but shortly after that moment I began realizing sometimes cars that are “road tested” which is my new term for “used” is a better idea. I have noticed one thing with this engine repair which is this repair shop has a lot of great magazines. I have learned about produced water treatment for the past hour as I waited. I had never heard of this before. It makes sense that this process would be vital to the industry and the environment. I suppose this was not a total waste.